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A D3 fixture since 1978, Martin's Off-Licence is one of Dublin's leading independent off-licences.

Opened by Tom Martin over forty years ago, the business is very much a family affair. Tom's sons Declan and Damian now run the show from the same shop where it all started, opposite Fairview Park a stone's throw from Dublin city centre.

With decades of expert knowledge between them, the Martin's team can help you find exactly what you're looking for. Their shelves are stacked with specialist wines, beers and spirits from the best of local and international producers. And if it's not in store (unlikely), they know exactly where to source it for you.

The passion and pride of everyone at Martin's Off-Licence has won them plenty of awards, including;


  • Noffla Beer Specialist Of The Year 2019, 2016 and 2015

  • Noffla Dublin Off Licence Of The Year 2018

  • Noffla Customer Service Award 2014 and 2012


Whether it's wines for a wedding, beers for a BBQ or something for a quiet night in, Martin's Off-Licence can cater for any occasion. Drop into the Fairview shop for a chat, or if you're further afield, just pick up the phone or order online.


But don’t take our word for it… see what our customers have to say..

''Best off Licence in Dublin in my opinion. Staff that know their stuff and the selection of beers in their world beers fridge is unreal. They also listen to suggestions and try to get in beers that are requested. They also have regular wine tastings and listen to suggestions to have a beer tasting also.

Some great deals on more mainstream beers but they really come into their own on the micro-brewery beers and the world Beers. 5 world beers for 10 euro is a good deal in my book. Cannot praise here highly enough..and as Joe says, support your local off licence.''

Neil M, Dublin

Too bad I didn't find this place sooner as it's definitely in the top-5 offie's in Dublin and nearby to where I am.They have a great selection of some of the better beers of the world ... from Belgium, USA, Germany, UK and even Norway.

Talk to the sales people at the store as they are very friendly and knowledgeable.Decent prices for the city ( all alcohol in Ireland is expensive ) and even some sales each week on various items. If you buy in bulk they will even deliver it to your door.

If you're in the Dublin 3 area definitely stop by this off-license and get some decent beers.

Mike J, Manhattan, NY, USA

Support your local off licence! This one is pretty hot stuff, as far as off licences go. The guy who works here is really nice, and is always up for a chat, which makes all the difference in a store, as far as I'm concerned.

There is always a good selection of wine and plenty of wines on sale! You can usually pick up a pretty decent sale wine for around the 7 euro mark, and these are worth a try.

They have Pimms here, although on the rare occasion that Dublin has a bout of amazing weather stocks run low! So make sure you stock up early...

And the clincher for me is that they sell Bundaberg Rum here (a fave from back home, which you can hardly find anywhere in Ireland!)

Jo M, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Martins is my local off licence. The staff there are very knowledgeable and very kind. Twice now I was trying to get a beer and and obscure wine. Both times the lads got them in for me. I have to say a great bunch of lads and great service! Wonderful selection as well!

Mark H, Dublin















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