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Cúl Premium Irish Vodka

Cúl Premium Irish Vodka


Cúl Premium Irish Vodka

"According to the legend, Cúchulainn (his birthname Setanta) the first son of Dechtire and Sualtam was the strongest of all his peers and won all the sports competitions.  One day while hurling he was summoned to the court of King Conchobar so that he might attend a feast at the house of the blacksmith Culann.  The King gave permission for Culann to let loose his fierce guard hound forgetting that Setanta had not yet arrived.  When Setanta came into Culainn's front yard the hound attacked him fiercely to which Setanta reacted quickly and hurled his Sliotar (Hurley ball) into the mouth of the hound choking him.

Culann the chief blacksmith was enraged to find his guard dog had been killed.  Setanta apologised and promised to find another hound and train it for Culann but in the meantime he himself would act as Culann's guard.  Thus from that time on he became know as Cúchulainn  - the hound of Culann.

In honor of one of the great Irish Legends we produced Cúl Premium Vodka the name meaning "goal" in English following Cúchulainn, a warrior and sporting champion who guarded Culann with his life".



1 Litre

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